Dental Lab Services – An Extension to Dental Practices

Having every single equipment imaginable in dentistry at your dental office may not be the best cost-effective method of trying to meet every single need of your patients. Some of the most intensive care needs occur only 25% of the time. The other 75% are typical dental care that requires only the basic tools and treatments. So what’s the best of handling that smaller percentage of intensive treatment needs? The answer is dental labs.

Having a dental lab is like having an extension to your dental practice. Imagine having a business partner outside your office. All you have to do is pay for the services. No maintenance or operation cost, and more importantly, no consumable costs. These cutting-edge dental laboratories could provide services from anything like scan appliance (even using Cone Beam Computed Tomography [CBCT]), virtual planning and consultation, diagnostic wax ups, surgery model, surgical guides and kits, as well as prosthesis and milling.

Due to the fact that dental labs specialize in what they do best, dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, or whoever else operating in a patient’s mouth could rest assure of the accuracy, precision, and midmark premium quality products these dental labs produce. They will take the time to ensure maximum patient satisfaction as well as dentists’ approval. Intensive care such as implant surgery, crown, and bridge placements could be done at a higher rate of speed while maintaining high quality care and satisfaction. Dentists would be relieved from the time consuming planning stages of any surgery, allowing them to focus more on other patients as well as maintaining customer relationship.

Dental labs could indeed improve your dental practice. Applying cutting edge technology will boost your patient confidence in your practice and surpasses any previous limitations that your practice may have had prior to using the services of a full service dental lab [] You would no longer have to turn away your patients to other practices because you could not accommodate for their needs. Keep your patients, do your job, and expand your horizons; integrate high tech dental labs [] to your practice.

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